About GSI®

VISION:  To be the resource for insolvency data handling.  To be a nimble, cost effective, and efficient option for receivers, guaranty funds, and associated entities to use for technology, development, and hosting services.  To provide selected support services to guaranty funds that fall outside the realm of core services offered by NCIGF.  By providing these services, GSI will streamline and strengthen the insurance resolution system and potentially reduce NCIGF member dues.

MISSION:  GSI is primarily a technology company.  GSI utilizes technology to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the state-based insurance resolution system.  GSI will accomplish this by identifying and targeting receiverships to promote their use of GSI’s data extraction and manipulation services.  GSI will also work with guaranty funds and associated entities on small- and medium-sized development and hosting projects.  GSI will further strengthen the guaranty funds by providing additional support services not covered by NCIGF dues upon request.


Cost Effective and Efficient. GSI strives to provide high quality, cost-effective technology solutions to those in the business of protecting policyholders, claimants, and other stakeholders in the event of an insurance company insolvency.

Support the Existing State-Based Protection Mechanism.  GSI exists to support and streamline the current state-based system of insolvency management via the use of technology and software, and by providing other support services not covered by NCIGF dues to guaranty funds.

Increased Data Protection. GSI seeks to marshal technology for its clients to better protect them and the policyholders, claimants, and other stakeholders they serve from malicious or unintentional data breaches.

Honest, Clear, Unambiguous Communication.  GSI strives to use clear, honest, and unambiguous communication with its clients.